From family and friends, to colleagues and even ex-partners, we reveal whose house prices Brits secretly look up – and how you can track down yours.

Keen to find out what your boss forked out for their sprawling house? Or fancy checking out the price tag of your ex-partner’s shiny new pad?

If so, you’re in good company. Nearly 6 out of 10 Brits admit to secretly looking up how much someone they know has paid for their home.

Yes, a whopping 59% of people we surveyed have snooped on the property price of a friend, relative, colleague or even potential partner.

But only 19% of people think it is acceptable to ask someone what they paid for their home. And 65% say they would never admit to the owner that they had looked up the value of their property.

How did people react after checking out someone else’s house price?

A third of Brits admitted they had continued dating someone they otherwise would not have after finding out how much their home was worth.

And a further 50% said it ‘encouraged’ them to keep seeing someone.

But 24% of people dumped someone after viewing their home online.

Putting romance aside, 11% of Brits confessed they felt jealous after finding out how much someone they knew paid for their home.

But 10% said they respected someone more and 9% said they liked them better after looking up their house price online.

Why are Brits nosy about house prices?

The main reason people looked up someone else’s house price was to get a better idea of what their own property was worth, with 23% of the 2,000 people we surveyed citing this.

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Around 18% of people who checked out the sale price of someone else’s property said they did so to find out what their home looked like on the inside, while 12% were motivated by nostalgia and wanted to see pictures of their previous home.

Some people were motivated by improving their own property, with 10% wanting to see what different layouts or extensions would be feasible for their home, and 9% claim they were looking for interior design inspiration.

Meanwhile, 8% of those who had looked up sale prices said they wanted to gauge if it was a good time to put their home on the market.

What could it mean for you?

Tom Parker, consumer spokesperson, said: “Buttoned up Britons love talking about house prices – but for most, asking someone straight-up what they paid for their home is still considered a taboo.

“But how much a house sold for is publicly available information and is easy to source online. Whether it’s your boss, a friend or even a potential partner, it’s clear we want to know more about the homes they live in and will often treat them differently as a result.”

Key takeaways

  • A whopping 59% of Brits admit to checking out how much someone they know has paid for their home.
  • People are most likely to find out what their neighbours, friends and family have forked out for their home. But 3% have looked up the price of their boss’ pad.
  • Nearly a third have continued to date someone they wouldn’t have otherwise after viewing their home online, while a quarter have dumped someone as a result of it.
  • The main reason people found out the value of someone else’s home was to get a better idea of what their own property was worth.