About More Life Home

Recycling furniture to help the socially deprived turn houses into homes

More Life Home is an environmentally conscious non-for profit organisation with a mission to ensure every child has a bed to sleep in and family a sofa to gather on. We help the socially deprived and those in crisis turn their houses into homes by providing them with recycled furniture and homeware items.

By redistributing furniture items, due to be sent to landfill, into the homes of those in poverty we are working to help save the environment and provide for those unable to do so for themselves.

To fund our mission we sell good quality, low cost furniture that can be purchased by anyone wanting an new item for their home, with discounts being offered to those from the local area in receipt of benefits.

About Us

More Life Home provides free and low cost furniture & household goods for low income families, care leavers and ex – homeless, living in poverty or dealing with crisis. We aim to provide both temporary & high quality furniture to help disadvantaged families complete their homes.

Our mission is to provide these people with the essentials they need after moving home due to experiencing trauma, emergencies or lack of finance to purchase for themselves.

Contact: www.morelifehome.co.uk