Standard fees

Lettings only


– Fees paid in advance after letting

Letting & Rent collection


– Fees paid in advance or monthly

Lettings & property management

12% NO VAT

– Fees paid monthly

Short lets & property management

25% NO VAT

– Fees paid in advance or monthly

Other fees

Inventory / Check in

  • All prices are the same for furnished and unfurnished
  • There is no extra charge for Checking In the tenants. This includes a walk through the property highlighting areas m the report and handling over keys.
  • Reports can be sent for Electronic signature at no extra cost
  • Reports can be sent with you within a Maximum of 24 hours
  • There is a £10 charge for each additional room (en suit/WC/dining room/conservatory/2nd reception/Office/Study etc.)
  • There is a £15 charge if keys are to be collected and returned to agent that is not within a reasonable distance to the property.

Studio £120 NO VAT
1 Bed £140 NO VAT
2 bed £160 NO VAT
3+ bed £180 NO VAT

Check Out

As above


£45 NO VAT


Estimate available on request

New Tenancy Agreement

£120 NO VAT

Renewal of Tenancy Agreement

£90 NO VAT

Service of Notice

£90 NO VAT

Tax Retention

£30 NO VAT

Deposit Protection Registration

£50 NO VAT

Dispute Documentation

£60 NO VAT

Income & Expenditure Report / Duplicate Statements

£20 NO VAT

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

From £80 NO VAT

Gas Safety Certificate

£100 NO VAT

Electrical Equipment

Estimate available on request

Electrical inspection condition report (EICR)

From £120 No VAT

Licensing application service fee

£180 NO VAT

Title Register

£20 NO VAT

Right to Rent

£45 NO VAT

Condition inspection

£75 NO VAT

Withdrawal Service

Up top £1600 NO VAT

Portable Appliance Test

£150 NO VAT

HMRC Return for Non-Resident Landlords

Estimate available on request

Court appearance (charged per day or part thereof)

£420 NO VAT

Works over £300

10% NO VAT of invoice total

Anti-Money Laundering and Identification Checking Fee

£30 NO VAT

Our vetted contractor may pay a referral fee to Blackstones Residential. The fee paid won’t be included within the  contractor’s invoice and will be sent as a separate invoice, which is available on request. This does not affect the final amount you pay.

All fees are not VAT applicable as Blackstones Residential is not qualified for VAT registration

Terms & Condition Document

Fees & Charges Document

Legal Expenses Insurance

Rent Protection