Blackstones Residential Lettings service compared to our comprehensive Property Management service


Service Let Only Lettings & Rent Collection Full Management
Finding a Tenant
Arranging Check In × ×
Arranging Check Out × ×
Arranging Professional Cleaning    
Tenancy Agreement × ×
Collection of Rent ×    
24 hour Help Line × ×
Keyholding service  
Dedicated Property Manager ×
Arranging repairs and maintenance × ×

Transfer of utilities ×
Management Inspection with report ×

Other services not mentioned above are in our Landlord Terms & Conditions document under clause 1.8 as additional services.


Rent Guarantee Services

What’s it all about?

We offer landlords a fixed rent for their properties. Our leases are for 2 – 5 years and often longer and the landlord will often have rent in his/her account within 14 days of contracting us also we may offer you up to 3 month rent advance.

How does it all work?

We rent your property for a Fixed Rent and then sub-let it to our clients – local authority, professionals or students. We pay you the rent each and every month in advance (whether the property is tenanted or not) for the next 2 years and even longer if you want. At the End of the lease we’ll give you back the property in similar or usually a better condition then when you give it to us.