Where do homes sell the fastest, and what factors impact the speed of sales? Our research reveals the top 20 locations where homes are selling the fastest in 2022.

Dartford, Redditch, Test Valley and Gloucester are the fastest moving property markets in the UK.

Homes listed for sale in these areas take just 14 days to sell.

If we look at regions, the South West and the West Midlands have the fastest moving housing markets in 2022.

But the stories behind the fast sales are different across the country.

Where you live, the type of property and the price of your home will all impact how quickly it sells.

The top 20 places where homes sell the fastest

Local authority Region Time on the market (full days)
Dartford South East 14
Redditch West Midlands 14
Test Valley South East 14
Gloucester South West 14
Bristol South West 15
Wigan North West 15
Rugby West Midlands 15
South Gloucestershire South West 15
Stoke-on-Trent West Midlands 15
Trafford North West 16
Basingstoke and Deane South East 16
Bexley London 16
Knowsley North West 16
Wellingborough East Midlands 16
Nuneaton and Bedworth West Midlands 16
Worcester West Midlands 17
Neath Port Talbot Wales 17
Swindon South West 17
Stafford West Midlands 17
Plymouth South West 17

Zoopla, July 2022

What’s happening in the hottest housing markets?

Dartford, Kent

While several other commuter markets have slowed down since last year, Dartford’s kept its place as one of the fastest selling areas.

With house prices still affordable and good commutes into London, buyers in Dartford are having to move quickly to land the home they want.

Two bedroom terraced homes are selling the fastest in Dartford. In terms of price bracket, you’ll sell the fastest if your Dartford home is priced between £250k and £300k.

This is the cheaper end of the market, with average house prices in Dartford at £344,500 in May 2022. This size and price signals that first time buyers are driving the fast-paced market in Dartford.

Redditch, Worcestershire

Homeowners in this West Midlands area have seen a dramatic improvement in how quick they’ll sell this year.

It’s dropped to 14 days, putting it at the top of the list.

In 2021, Redditch was the second fastest moving market. But it took much longer to sell your home, at an average of 27 days.

In terms of property type and pricing, owners of three bedroom terraced properties in Redditch are getting the fastest sales.

And you’ll sell your Redditch home the fastest if it’s priced between £200k and £250k.

Test Valley, Hampshire

Test Valley in Hampshire is another place where it takes only 14 days to sell your home.

But the fastest selling homes here are more expensive than other hot markets. Homes between £350k and £400k sell the quickest in this part of Hampshire.

Although this range is more expensive than other areas on the list, it aligns with the average local property price of £365,000 in May 2022.

There’s high demand for family homes and space in Test Valley. That’s shown in three bedroom semi-detached homes selling the fastest.


Like several areas in the South West, Gloucester is seeing very fast sales this year.

In particular, three bedroom semi detached homes are flying off the shelf. In terms of price, those between £250k and £300k are the fastest to sell.

This price range is lower than the average house price in the area, which was £222,400 in May 2022.

If you live in Bristol, Plymouth, Exeter, or Swindon, you’re seeing sales go through almost as quickly. They all make it into the top 20 fastest moving markets.

How has the UK market changed in the last year?

What’s really noticeable this year is the fast pace of urban markets in the South West. They feature much more prominently than last year.

If you live in or around Bristol, Plymouth, Exeter, Gloucester or Swindon, you’re likely to sell within 14 to 17 days.

Two and three bedroom terraced homes are selling the fastest in South West cities.

The only exception is Bristol, where you’ll sell fastest if you have a three bedroom semi-detached house.

It’s a similar picture in the West Midlands, too. Redditch, Rugby, Stoke-on-Trent, Nuneaton and Bedworth, Worcester and Stafford are all in the top 20 hottest markets.

There’s still a fast pace within city markets, which is a trend we saw last year and previously. Around 12 of the 29 fastest markets featured before the pandemic.

But we’re seeing a shift away from the pandemic-led choices of buyers in 2021.  Back then, lots of us were looking for coastal areas and commuter towns. But they no longer feature as much in the fastest markets.

Which areas have seen the most improvement in the time it takes to sell?

House sales in West Oxfordshire have sped up the most in the last year.

It now takes 24 days for an offer to be accepted, compared to 37 in June 2021.

Lancaster and Ealing are in joint second place. If you live in these places, it’ll now take you 21 or 31 days respectively to sell. That’s 12 days faster than this time last year.

As interest in the London property market picks up again, London and the South East have also seen big improvements in the time it takes to sell.

Kensington and Chelsea, Richmond Upon Thames and Wandsworth are all in the top 10 most improved.

Cherwell and Windsor and Maidenhead also make the list. Homes in these areas are selling 9 to 11 days faster than last year.

Carlisle and the Vale of Glamorgan make the top 10 too, having seen a dramatic change in time to sell. They’re now at 18 and 19 days respectively, both a drop of 9 days since last year.

What are the fastest moving housing markets in London?

Bexley is the fastest-moving housing market in the capital.

It takes homes in Bexley just 16 days to sell, with two bedroom terraced properties selling like hot cakes.

The fastest selling properties in Bexley are priced between £400k and £450k.

Waltham Forest is the second hottest housing market in London, with homes selling in 17 days.

It’s four bedroom terraced homes and those priced between £550k and £600k that are being snapped up the fastest.

These areas are outperforming the rest of London. On average, it takes 35 days to sell your home in the capital. That makes it one of the slowest regions in the country.

Is now the time to sell?

If the average sell time is low in your area, it’s a sign of strong demand.

It usually means there’s more buyers looking for a new home than there are sellers. And that there aren’t enough suitable homes on the market for them all.

That can lead to buyers competing for the house they want. When this happens, it’s quicker for the seller to get an offer they like the look of.

Key takeaways

  • It takes just 14 days to sell your home in the UK’s fastest markets: Dartford, Redditch, Test Valley and Gloucester
  • Urban housing markets in the South West and West Midlands have picked up pace, with homes selling in 14 to 17 days
  • There are areas all over the country where you can expect to sell your home in less than 3 weeks