The Government has unveiled plans to make its rogue landlords list open access.

Prospective tenants could soon check out be able who they are renting from if new government proposals come to pass.

The plan is for a database of rogue landlords, charting misdemeanours such as being banned for failing to provide habitable homes, would be opened up to those looking to rent.

The current Rogue Landlords Database is only open to local authorities and since launch last year, has only registered 10 names.

The initial proposals would only apply in England because of devolved housing policy.

“This database has the potential to ensure that poor quality homes across the country are improved and the worst landlords are banned,” said Communities Secretary James Brokenshire.

“It is right that we unlock this crucial information for new and prospective tenants. Landlords should be in no doubt that they must provide decent homes or face the consequences.”

There are now more than four-and-a-half million households renting in England, with house prices out of reach for first time buyers being cited as a key reason for the rise.

A 12-week consultation on the plans will also consider whether to widen the scope of the rogue landlords list to more housing-related offences, such as breaching the Tenant Fees Act.

The rental market has been in the spotlight for reform in recent months with pressure to end no-fault evictions, which allow landlords to get rid of tenants without a reason after their fixed-term tenancy period has ended.