Most homeowners have gained a lot of value on their home since the pandemic.

But with small house price falls of up to 5% expected in 2023, you might be wondering what your home’s worth.

Our tools can tell you what your home’s worth right now, how much value you‘ve gained since buying and if its value is still going up.

Not to mention how long it’d take you to sell and how your home stacks up in the local market.

Here are 9 easy ways to find out if you’re gaining value on your home.

1. Get an instant valuation

Be proud. It’s yours and you love it.

And you must be curious about how your bricks and mortar is performing in value.

And how it’s changed over the last few years.

So pop in your postcode. We’ll show you the rest.

2. Find out what equity you have

Want to know how much of your home is actually yours?

That’s where equity comes in: it’s the amount of cash you could take away from your sale.

And it’s probably looking pretty healthy after the last couple of years of house price growth.

So head to our equity calculator in My Home. We’ll tell you how much money you could put towards your next place.

3. Keep an eye on your mate’s place

It’s not stalking. It’s keeping an eye on the market.

Track your mate’s, neighbour’s or boss’s place to find out what it’s worth.

After all, it’s just a good benchmark for your home, right?

Track as many homes as you like, any time you like, for as long as you like.

And we’ll send you the new price estimate every month.

Job done.

4. See what’s for sale and sold nearby

Who doesn’t love a little nosy on the neighbours?

Well, we can do better than that.

We’ll show you what everyone on your street last sold for in one map, whether it was last week or last decade, in My Home.

Go on. See whose home sold for the most.

5. Get the low-down on your local housing market

Every town and city has a totally different housing market.

And it can be hard to know what’s really happening.

But your local stats in My Home can help with that. From average prices and price growth to how fast homes are selling.

Plus how your local area compares to your region as a whole.

6. Get to grips with the UK house price picture

It’s good to have a feel for what’s right when it comes to property.

The more you get to know the market, the more your instincts will take over when it comes to knowing what a home’s worth.

There’s no secret to it. It’s just about staying in the loop.

7. Check your interior style

Got a new landscaped garden, sparkling bathroom or stylish kitchen extension?

And want to know if it’s really added value?

Which home improvements add the most value?

8. Figure out what your asking price should be

An asking price is all about getting the most interest in your home to drive up its value on the market.

But set it too high and you could be left waiting.

Too low and you may later regret it.

9. Get an estate agent’s opinion

If you want to know exactly what your home’s worth, there’s only one way to know for sure: by asking a local estate agent.

And we’ll help you find the best local agent for you, based on customer ratings, asking prices, listing times and more.

So you can compare them and get in touch for an in-person valuation.

And find out what your home’s worth, once and for all.