Roll up your Sleeves! we’re all going to have to go through certain procedure so that we can get you moved into your new home as soon as possible so that your tenancy goes smoothly:

Preliminary deposit

We ask you to pay the equivalent of two week’s rent so that we can stop marketing the property to other aplicant while you process the paperwork and gt the referees lines up. At the end of this week, if you’re not in a position to go ahead with the tenency, your preliminary deposit will be forfeited.


UK money laundering and crime laws mean we have to hold one proof of identity and one proof of residence for every clients, plus – if this applies to you – one proof of your company identification.


As part of our services to landlord we make sure that Blackstones Residential tenants are referenced. We use an independent agncy called Rent4Sure to do these checks on our behalf.

Initial Payment

We’ll give you an invoice for the initial payment. These are made up of:

One month’s rent in  advance
Six week’s rent held as a deposit throughout the tenancy
The admin fee pluse VAT
Less any preliminary deposit taken. We can accept by CHAPS or BACS or CASH up to £2500.

Tenancy agreement

You should write on the agreement the names of everyone over 18 years old who’ll be living in the property, then sign and return it to Blackstones Residential so that we can forward you the final payment to release the keys to the property.

Check In

The tenancy starts when you meet the inventory clerk at the property to go through the inventory check in. It’s essential that you attend this meeting, as it’s now that the meters will be read and keys handed over.


Blackstones Residential will notify all suppliers of your contact details. These companies will bill you directly for your consumption at the property, but they’ll start your account with reading that we supply them.

Tenant liability insurance

Blackstones always recommend their client o take up a tenant liability insurance for protection, once you have rented a property through us its not just your possessions that are valuable, you have also taken liability as a tenant to look after your landlord fixture and fitting under your tenancy agreement and also gives you the option to add in your own contents.